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The primary predators of Etosha are lions, cheetahs and leopards followed by secondary predators - hyenas, jackals and vultures. Their primary food source is the antelope family, especially kudus, oryx, and springbok.
Cheetah mother in the Etosha veldtYoung cheetah licking its chopsCheetah adult approaching in early morning lightCheetah adult resting in the veldtTwo young cheetahs after a springbok breakfastTwo young cheetahs looking rightTwo young cheetahs looking toward their motherMother cheetah with springbok headMale lion resting in the veldtMale lion resting in the shadeCloseup of a lionessLioness focused on a kudu at a waterholeMale lion mating with femaleMale lion baring his teethSpotted hyena at an Etosha waterholeSpotted hyena baring his canines at a waterholeSpotted hyena chewing on a boneSpotted hyena after a waterhole drinkSpotted hyenas with kudu carcassJackal gnaws on the femur of a springbok

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