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Sitting at the foot of the Big Daddy sand dune, Deadvlei is an otherworldly place of ancient skeletal camel thorn trees, sun-blackened but not decayed because of the extremely low humidity. The last rain was 21 years ago and even then it was only a few millimeters. These trees are frozen in time into shapes both tortured and graceful. The white clay floor of this pan forms into round shapes that look much like blood cells. It is a photographer's paradise.
Camel thorn tree skeletons at DeadvleiFive standing, one recliningAn ancient tree reaches for the light at DeadvleiA tortured sun-blackened tree at DeadvleiTwo blackened trees at DeadvleiAn very old tree at DeadvleiA lone tree at Deadvlei with the "Big Daddy" dune in the backgroundRound shapes in the clay pan floor at DeadvleiOld trees at Deadvlei before the sunlightDeadvlei with Big Daddy dune in the backgroundHiking out of Deadvlei

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