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My friend Karl Gerstenberger and I travelled to Bonaventure Island, Quebec in mid-July 2010, to photograph Northern Gannets. This gannetry is the largest colony in North America, approximately 120,000 birds. The colony itself is at the top of a large cliff on the eastern end of the island. Bonaventure Island is 7 km east of the village of Percé on the eastern end of the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec. The name Percé refers to the large pierced rock that dominates the seascape just offshore, and pointing toward Bonaventure Island.

This gallery is a collection of photos mainly of the gannets, but also of the Percé area.
View of Percé and Bonaventure IslandMap of the Gaspé Peninsula and PercéPercé RockRocher PercéNorthern Gannets in flight formationGannet colony on eastern cliffs of Bonaventure IslandNesting Gannets on cliff ledges at Bonaventure IslandGannets, Murres, and KittiwakesNesting Gannets on Bonaventure IslandClose packing rule for Gannet nestsGannetry at Bonaventure IslandNorthern Gannet adultNorthern Gannet in flightAdult Gannet landingGannets have binocular visionBraking for landingLanding with nesting materialGannet carrying seaweed to nestGannet with grassGannet pair behavior

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