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The Bosque is home to hundreds of bird species, and although the sandhill cranes and snow geese are the most obvious, there are plenty of raptors, sparrows, blackbirds, quail, and the comical roadrunner.
Blackbird blastoffRed-winged blackbird adult maleRed-winged blackbird, immature maleCoyote stalks ducksGreater RoadrunnerSay's PhoebeWestern bluebirdNorthern shrikeDark-eyed junco, pink-sidedRed-tailed hawkAmerican kestrelAplomado falcon, immatureNorthern harrierNorthern harrierBlack-throated sparrowOrange-crowned sparrow, adult non-breedingWhite-crowned sparrow, 1st winterWhite-crowned sparrowSpotted towhee

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