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The grasses and vegetation at Etosha are food to a wide variety of grazers, including giraffes, kudus, impalas, hartebeests, wildebeests, springbok, dik-dik and zebras. These grazers in turn are food for the predators.
Adult giraffe at EtoshaGiraffes at an Etosha waterholeMother and baby giraffe, EtoshaBaby giraffe practices gallopingGalloping is great fun!Giraffe encounterKudu buck near an Etosha waterholeBlack-faced impala at an Etosha waterholeBlack-faced impala, B&W digital pencil sketchOryx adult and calfFamily of Red hartebeests at EtoshaAdult springbokAdult springbok and young calfSpringbok grazing in the Etosha veldtPortrait of a Dik-dik, eastern EtoshaDik-diks in eastern EtoshaYoung dik-dik, eastern EtoshaDik-dik, backlitZebras drinking at an Etosha waterholeThe aura of a zebra

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