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This gallery is a collection of SW Florida birds photographed in February 2011 at Ding Darling NWR, Little Estero Lagoon (Ft. Myers Beach), Bunche Beach (Ft. Myers), and Venice Rookery (Venice, FL). This is my third winter visit to the Sanibel area, and I have enjoyed not only escaping the Massachusetts winter for a couple of weeks, but also the opportunity to photograph SW Florida birds. Many of thse are fairly large waders such as herons, egrets, and spoonbills but I have also included cormorants, anhingas, mergansers, ducks, shorebirds, gulls and terns. These are beautiful birds, especially in the soft light of early morning or late afternoon. I try to capture as many as possible in some activity such as feeding, nesting, or flight.
Sunrise at Ding Darling NWRDing Darling NWR entrance, Sanibel IslandAnother sunrise at Ding Darling NWRPied-billed GrebeDouble-crested Cormorant with sculpinDouble-crested Cormorant with preyAnhinga female with preyAnhinga male, drying wing feathersAnhinga female - drying wing feathersAnhinga femaleAnhinga pairTri-colored HeronTri-colored HeronBlack-crowned Night HeronBlack-crowned Night HeronYellow-crowned Night Heron, juvenileYellow-crowned Night Heron, juvenileYellow-crowned Night Heron, juvenileLittle Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron adult and two juveniles

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Guestbook for Sanibel Birds Feb. 2011
Maddy Etkin(non-registered)
Always a pleasure to view your photos from our beloved Sanibel and environs. Jeff and I definitely need to go off-island a bit more to explore the rookeries, etc.
Outstanding pictures Keith!
Laura Corson(non-registered)
Dear Keith, Janice sent me these wonderful photos from Sanibel. I vacationed there many times and do appreciate your beautiful photography. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Laura Corson
Lucy Franklin(non-registered)
Keith - These are truly amazing - beautiful. Thank you so much for posting. Lucy
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