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Monhegan Island is a very popular stop for September birders, attracted by large numbers of migratory birds particularly warblers. I accompanied a group of birders from Midcoast Audubon Society and was on the island September 25 and 26. On the morning of September 25 there was a large fallout of warblers that had accompanied a frontal weather system out of the northwest. I was busy trying to focus on and photograph these fast-moving birds. Some of my successful images are included here. On our Laura B ferry out of Port Clyde we saw a large group of Northern gannets near Monhegan Island, and the birding just got better from there. This gallery is a sampling of my photographs from this two-day trip.
Northern GannetsMonhegan Village, harbor and Manana IslandBirding group from Midcoast Audubon SocietyEastern phoebe, immatureNorthern MockingbirdLapland LongspurHorned LarkView from White Head cliffsGreat CormorantsGreat CormorantsRing-necked Pheasant, maleRing-necked Pheasant, femaleYellow-bellied Sapsucker, imm.Cedar WaxwingMerlinBlue-gray GnatcatcherBlack-throated Green WarblerNorthern Parula, imm.Palm WarblerRed-eyed Vireo

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