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In late June, 2010 I traveled to Grand Manan, New Brunswick with friends Karl and Louisa Gerstenberger. Although they had been there years ago, it was my first visit and I loved everything about the island - the people, the scenery, flowers, birds and seascapes.

This gallery is a collection of random photos from Grand Manan.
Map of Grand MananRamp road to Grand Manan FerryFriends on the ferryNorth Head Light, Grand MananThe Inn at Whale CoveMiss Eloise Derby roomFishing and lobster boatsSouth Head vewCastalia MarshOld doryFishing boat in the fogFish weir, near North HeadPurple LupineRing-neck PheasantNorthern Blue FlagOrange HawkweedBunchberryPitcher-plantWhite IrisUnidentified blue flower

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