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In mid-April 2011, my friend Karl Gertstenberger and I journeyed to the Rio Grande Valley of southeast Texas and spent a week photographing birds there. Many of these are Valley "specialty" birds, found only in this area of Texas. Some have beautiful plumage (e.g. buff-bellied hummingbird, great kiskadee, painted bunting), others are quite vocal (e.g. plain chachalaca), and still others are spring migrants such as the warblers. We were joined by Texas friends John and Becky Warren. I hope you enjoy the photos in this gallery. Also, be sure to check out the photos in Karl Gerstenberger's gallery. We were standing side by side for many of these, so you'll find our photos to be similar. We had a grand time.
Buff-bellied HummingbirdHarlingen Arroyo Colorado Birding Centertrail at Arroyo Colorado Birding CenterPrickly Pear CactusGreen JayGreen Jay bathingAltamira OrioleLaguna Atascosa National Wildlife RefugeGreater RoadrunnerCrested CaracaraPrickly Pear CactusGreat KiskadeeBrown-crested FlycatcherCouch's KingbirdSanta Ana National Wildlife RefugeScissor-tailed FlycatchersCommon ParauquePlain ChacalacaNorthern Shoveler drakeBlue-winged Teals

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