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The wading bird rookery at the Alligator Farm at St. Augustine, Florida is host to hundreds of nesting egrets, herons, wood storks, roseate spoonbills and numerous other species. The alligators in the native swamp protect these birds by keeping away any climbing predators.

In April 2010 Karl Gerstenberger and I spent several days photographing these birds and also taking a bird photography workshop taught by Robert Amoruso and Robert O'Toole. This gallery includes some of my picks of nesting and flying birds, along with a couple of 'gator images.
Great EgretSt. Augustine Alligator FarmAmerican Alligator'Gator tailAmerican AlligatorCattle Egret, breeding plumageCattle Egret, breeding plumageGreat EgretGreat Egret with chickGreat Egret with begging chickGreat Egret chickGreat Egret, breeding plumageGreat Egret, breeding plumageGreat Egrets, nesting pairGreat Egret, plumage displayGreat Egretmating Great EgretsGreat Blue HeronLittle Blue Heron, breeding plumageRoseate Spoonbill

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