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Both Greater and Lesser yellowlegs are common during the spring and fall migration in midcoast Maine. Both have bright yellow legs but the Greater is noticeably larger (about 12" length) and rangier looking than the delicate-appearing Lesser (about 9" length). Both birds breed in the boreal-forest from Alaska to Quebec with nesting beginning in mid-May. Fall migration starts in late June and continues through November, with southbound juveniles leaving a few weeks after adults. The Lesser Yellowlegs passing through Maine winter from southern New Jersey south through much of South America.
Lesser yellowlegs (juvenile)Lesser yellowlegsLesser yellowlegsLesser yellowlegsLesser YellowlegsLesser Yellowlegs (molting adult)Lesser YellowlegsLesser YellowlegsLesser  yellowlegsLesser yellowlegs and semipalmated sandpipersGreater yellowlegs (molting adult)greater yellowlegsgreater yellowlegs (juveniile)Greater and lesser yellowlegsgreater yellowlegsGreater yellowlegsGreater Yellowlegs with prey

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