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This gallery documents a Common Loon family with chicks on Damariscotta Lake, Maine. I found a well-camouflaged loon nest on June 9, and have been photographing this family since the chick hatch on June 23. There were two chicks hatched although the smaller of the two survived for only one day, taken apparently by a snapping turtle.

This gallery also includes rare images of an adult loon attempting to kill and swallow a 12" largemouth bass. In six years of loon photography, I have never seen anything like it!
Loon with chickLoon with two chicksLoon with two chicksLoon with chickCommon Loon with chickLoon with chickLoon with very young chickLoon chick with parentsLoon feeding young chickSurviving loon chick with parentFeeding the chickLoon with chickLoon with chickChick riding on mother's backGrowing chick riding on backGrowing chick rides on mother's backChick is growing rapidlyLoon juvenile follows motherLoon penguin postureJuvenile loon imitates penguin posture

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