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All of these abstract images began with a photograph of a bird, flower, or scene. I then used various Photoshop filters to produce an impressionist image to enhance a certain mood or feeling in the original image. I use the Fractalius filter for many of these, usually selecting the Glow 100 or Glow 50 parameters. Some folks really like these funky images and others don't. But, have a look. You may find some here that are to your taste.
Dancing Sandhill CranesWading CranesSunset Crane FlightLoon Warning!Long-billed DowitcherMarbled GodwitsSpoonbillWhite IbisWood StorkSnowy EgretRoyal TernGannet landingOsprey huntingWood DuckRoadrunnerBurrowing OwlSpoonies in a treeAmerican OystercatcherPuffin GlowGannet Meditation

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