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I photographed these sea ducks on a sunny but windy and bitterly cold day in January, in Ogunquit, Maine near the Cliff House.  The stars of the show were the colorful Harlequin ducks, with about a dozen in one raft and another five in a closer-by raft.  The photogenic Harlequins appear only in mid-winter.   There were also long-tailed ducks (formerly known as oldsquaw) and black scoters further out from the cliffs.  Somewhat closer were rafts of common eiders and a pair of common mergansers.
Harlequin duck drakeHarlequin ducksHarlequin ducksBuffleheadCommon eidersCommon eider drakeCommon eidersLong-tailed ducks (oldsquaw)Lesser Scaup, drake and hens, non-breeding plumage

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