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Welcome! I invite you to browse through this site, to see what I have seen through my camera and lenses. This is a collection of thousands of nature and bird photographs, most taken over the past ten years. Here you will find elephant parades in Namibia, common loons raising their chicks, the majestic red sand dunes of Sossusvlei, a blastoff of 30,000 snow geese, spectacular displaying great egrets in breeding plumage, least terns and their chicks, hummingbirds in Costa Rica, sandhill cranes at the Bosque del Apache NWR, a tiny Costa's hummingbird on her nest, the majestic Denali in Alaska and much more. There are also scenic vistas in Etosha National park (Namibia), along the coast of Maine, Alaskan glaciers, at White Sands National Monument, lighthouses, the Grand Canyon and beyond. Most of these photos were shot in Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Canada, Costa Rica, Alaska and Namibia. It has been my pleasure to share many of these trips with my good friend and nature photographer Karl Gerstenberger.  This site also includes galleries of photo art, images based on photographs and filtered to achieve certain effects.

You can also check my companion Smugmug site which features a smaller subset of these photographs. Also, check out my Flickr site, which is a potpourri of images of all kinds.

Feel free to comment on any of the galleries or photographs. For any photo, you can also Like it to Facebook or Tweet to your followers. Use the Search feature to find particular birds, scenics, or nature art. You can order standard-size prints directly from this site. These are high-quality prints, and will be shipped directly to you by Mpix.

Keith Carver

July, 2016