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These American Golden-plovers were photographed in early October at Weskeag Marsh, south of Thomaston. The Black-bellied plovers were at Scarborough Marsh, south of Portland (September). The semipalmated plovers were at Popham Beach, Maine in August.

American Golden-plovers are not common here in midcoast Maine; Black-bellied plovers are much more frequent. These Goldens are all juveniles, the parents having left in early September for their long migratory journey south. Goldens make one of longest migrations of all shorebirds, wintering in eastern Argentina and Uruguay. From Weskeag they make a nonstop journey to a temporary stop in Brazil, and thence south. Knowing their long upcoming journey, I felt privileged to get these up-close views of these Goldens at Weskeag.
American Golden-plover (juvenile)American Golden-plover (juvenile)American Golden-plover (juvenile)American Golden-ploverBlack-bellied plover (molting adult)Black-bellied plover (juvenile)Black-bellied plover (molting adult)Black-bellied plover (breeding female)Black-bellied plover (juvenile)Black-bellied plover (breeding female)Black-bellied Plover, winter plumageBlack-bellied Plover callingBlack-bellied Plovers and Short-billed DowitchersBlack-bellied Plover, adult moltingBlack-bellied Plover (winter plumage)Black-bellied plover juvenileKilldeerKildeerSemipalmated PloversSemipalmated Plover, juv.

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