Keith Carver Photography • Zen | 2013 HIGHLIGHTS
Modified 19-Mar-13
Created 20-Feb-13
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I've selected a few photos to highlight some of my bird and nature sightings in 2013. This will be updated from time to time. Comments are welcome!
Picker Prize winning photo:  Loon feeding chickThe Aqua Vitae Road Falcon ClubAmerican Kestrel malePeregrine FalconRed-tailed HawkOsprey with alewifePine GrosbeakCommon RedpollRoseate Spoonbill, wings upAmerican Tree SparrowMagnificent FrigatebirdsPainted Bunting, maleAmerican Pelican scoops up a SnookDunlin, non-breeding plumageSnowy EgretsReddish Egret and preyTricolored Heron with shrimpBrown PelicanBarred Owl, Amherst, 2-6-13Maple sugar buckets

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