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Bonaventure Island, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, July 2010
Northern Gannet adultGannet colony on eastern cliffs of Bonaventure IslandNesting Gannets on cliff ledges at Bonaventure IslandGannets, Murres, and KittiwakesNesting Gannets on Bonaventure IslandGannetry at Bonaventure IslandClose packing rule for Gannet nestsNorthern Gannets in flight formationadult Northern Gannet landingBraking for landingHead portrait of a Northern Gannetfencing Northern GannetsNorthern Gannet in flightGannets have binocular visionLanding with nesting materialGannet carrying seaweed to nestBringing seaweed to the nestGannet with grassGannet pair behaviorMore fencing

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