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These abstract nature images (mostly birds) were created in 2011. All of these begin with a photograph, normally taken with my "blunderbuss" gear: a Canon 1DMk3 digital camera body plus a 500 mm lens and sometimes with a 1.4X teleconverter. After the image is downloaded, I import it into Photoshop and from there use various filters to achieve the effect I want. For birds, I am seeking to use abstract impressionist techniques to enhance a feature such as shape, wing detail, head geometry, flight dynamics, or habitat. For landscapes, I try to enhance compositional features or tonal color.
Great Blue HeronReddish EgretAtlantic PuffinsPuffin head portraitAtlantic Puffin, loafingRazorbill yawningRazorbills preeningNorthern Gannet landingNorthern GannetNorthern Gannet - head portraitBlack-legged KittiwakeCommon murresRed-billed tropicbirdCommon yellowthroatChestnut-sided WarblerYellow WarblerMandarin duck (captive)The World of a Snowy EgretSoaptree Yucca at White Sands

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