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These loon family photos were taken late in the afternoon of June 27, 2011 on Damariscotta Lake, Maine. This sequence begins with the female loon with the chick under her wing, then shows both adults, then the feeding sequence, and finally the chick riding on the back of the female adult loon. The chick was about three days old when these photos were taken. I was shooting from a boat, using a Canon 1DMk3 DSLR, a 500 mm Canon lens, and a Gitzo 1325 tripod. The loons were completely relaxed during the entire shooting sequence, showing no signs of stress whatever. In fact, at times they would swim toward my boat and I would back away.
Loon femaleLoon pair:  male (left), female (right)Protective wing slightly raisedMale loon feeds chickFeeding the chickFeeding the chickAnother morsel for the chickAdult and chickMore food for the chickChick emerges from under the wingLoon parentsTime to eat again!Loon chick hitching a free rideLoon chick on female's back, with male approachingLoon family portraitFeeding the loon chick

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