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These birds are mostly small (about the size of a robin or smaller), and mostly perch.  They include flycatchers, seed-eaters, sparrows, warblers, thrushes, thrashers, and a wide variety of field birds.  These photos were taken 2007-2008 in midcoast Maine and western Massachusetts.
Scarlet tanagerHepatic Tanager, adult maleHepatic Tanager, adult femaleRose-breasted grosbeakBlack-headed GrosbeakRufous-sided towheeSpotted towheeBrown thrasherGray catbirdCatbird (juvenile)BobolinkEastern bluebirdsEastern bluebird (juvenile)Eastern bluebirds (adult and juvenile)Western bluebirdNorthern cardinal maleNorthern cardinal femaleTufted titmouseBrown creeperWhite-breasted nuthatch

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