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The sandpipers photographed in this gallery include Pectoral, Solitary, Dunlin, Short-billed dowitchers, Red Knots, Least, and Semipalmated. These were shot at Weskeag Marsh, Scarborough Marsh and Popham Beach. Sorting out the small sandpipers ("peeps"), especially Least, Semipalmated, White-rumped, and Westerns can be tricky. And aging these birds is a job for shorebird experts, i.e. not me. For shorebird photo titles, I follow the old adage "when in doubt, leave it out".
Pectoral sandpiper (juvenile)Pectoral sandpipers (juveniles)Pectoral SandpiperPectoral sandpiperPectoral sandpiper (left) and lesser yellowlegsPectoral sandpiperPectoral sandpiperDunlin (first winter plumage)DunlinDunlinDunlinDunlin  (non-breeding plumage)Least sandpiperLeast Sandpiper (juvenile)Least sandpiper, juvenileLeast sandpiperLeast Sandpiper (juvenile)Least sandpiper (molting to first winter)Roosting peepsSemipalmated sandpipers roosting

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