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Birds and groups of birds have spirits.  Not the same as human spirits, of course.  But when I photograph birds, I see a certain characteristic (e.g. the stance of an American bittern), a determination (to get food, for example), a collective energy of the flock (especially in flight), a species personality (e.g. an osprey hovering over prey before diving), etc.  This out-of-the-box gallery explores these characteristics.  All of these images begin with a photo, and are then processed in Photoshop using various filters.  These aren't for everyone, and if you like your bird photos to look as natural as possible, this isn't your gallery.  But sometimes it's interesting to deliberately modify these images to bring out the aura of a bird or group of birds - their speed, energy, and emotional impact.
the dream sandpipersunset craneon eagle's wingswarp-speed red-billed tropicbirdthe kinetic energy of short-billed dowitchersbald eagle liftoffthe aura of a common loonthe presence of a hovering ospreythe alertness of a green-winged tealthe elegance of a lesser yellowlegs

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